What’s Your Boxing Day Meat Fancy?

Boxing day

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Everyone may be talking about turkey but once the Christmas Day feast is over, what’s the plan for Boxing Day.  It’s worth taking a bit of time now thinking about your Boxing Day menu, particularly if you have friends and family coming to visit, as they probably won’t really fancy turkey sandwiches.

However, if you’ve already spent much of Christmas Day slaving away in the kitchen, you really don’t want to be doing the same the following day too. The aim is to keep the Boxing Day meal as simple to prepare as possible but without losing quality and flavour of course!

Boxing Day Buffet

If you’re planning a buffet style feast, then why not cook a couple of easy to serve joints, like a rolled loin of pork and rolled sirloin of beef, early in the morning, served with a selection of salads, including cold potato salad, and crusty bread.  That way everyone can graze from the table and you too can relax without having to serve everyone yourself.

Simple Bacon Joint

Another very popular alternative is a  bacon joint baked in the oven and served with new potatoes, broccoli and parsley sauce.  Again, you can cook the joint in advance, par boil the new potatoes ready to re-heat before serving (and you won’t even have to peel them), prepare the parsley sauce for re-heating too, and then simply steam the broccoli (already cut up), whilst softening the potatoes.  Once the food is on the table, again you can relax and enjoy a simple but tasty meal.

Pulled Shoulder of Pork

Another popular favourite for Boxing Day is rolled collar of pork. The joint can be cooked slowly and is delicious served with left over vegetables from the day before (so it’s worth making a few extra just in case) along with some crispy roast potatoes.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

You can order all of these recommended meats from the Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher stall in Swansea market or online by 16 December for delivery by Monday, 23 December.


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