Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly Packaging

At Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher we take pride in providing you with cuts of meat that are in prime condition whether purchased from our shop in Swansea market or online from our website. As we place so much emphasis on the quality of our meat, it’s equally important that the packaging we use for our deliveries achieves the highest standards of insulation and sustainability.


As result, all our products are packaged and despatched in Woolcool, a multi award winning insulated packaging that is more eco-friendly than conventionally insulated packaging such as polystyrene as it is entirely biodegradable.  Importantly, it’s insulation properties are also more effective as Woolcool keeps chilled contents consistently colder for longer than polystyrene and with much fewer ice sheets.

Woolcool also cushions contents and protects against damage in transit whilst the wool insulation naturally absorbs moisture which prevents condensation and humidity.

The fleece is washed and scoured without the use of harmful chemicals or additives, then felted and hygienically sealed within recyclable, food grade film. The boxes can be easily re-used and recycled.

Environmental Benefits of Woolcool

The main environmental benefits of WoolCool are as follows:

  • Better temperature control
  • Protective cushioning for transit
  • Natural Lambswool Insulation
  • Keeps produce cold for 2 days

To find out more, please read the following information:

Woolcool and Animal Welfare

Woolcool Insulated Packaging Fact Sheet

Ordering from Hugh Phillips Gower Bucher

When ordering your meat from Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher, please note that our current despatch days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We deliver to the whole of the UK and Ireland on a 24 hour, next day basis.