How to cook BBQ Sausages

BBQ SausagesUndoubtedly, along with burgers, sausages are top of the list when it comes to our favourite BBQ meat products.  Why are BBQ sausages so popular?  Not only are they affordable but they are very forgiving when cooked over direct heat and very tasty too!

Preparing your BBQ

Begin by lighting the charcoal  (the amount will be determined by how much you are planning to cook).

We suggest you start with three pieces of firelighter on the charcoal grate and then pile some charcoal over the firelighters evenly. It is difficult to advise the amount of charcoal to use as everyone will have different ways to measure. If you feel you want to use more do so, you will learn how much you need depending on what you are cooking. Let the firelighters burn through and the charcoal will take. You’ll know when your charcoal is ready when there is a light grey covering of ash over all of the top.  Initially it may be smoky and don’t be tempted to do anything until the charcoal has a grey ash covering all over.

To find out more click here for a guide to preparing your BBQ.

With the charcoal hot and ready to cook place the cooking grill on the barbecue. After a minute any residuals from previous barbecues will begin to burn. Use a wire brush to clean the grill as necessary. If you are using a gas grill you can turn the centre or rear burner to maximum, and cook either side of the burner where it is a little cooler.

Cooking your BBQ Sausages

Place the sausages on to the grill in a circular fashion with the longest side facing the heat. The sausages should be place on the grill just to the side of the charcoal so there is no charcoal directly beneath the sausages. This way you will cook your sausages rather than burn them. Leave your sausages to cook for 4-5 minutes before turning them.  Then pick the sausage up with tongs and turn them through 90° clockwise (so you will know which side has been cooked).

After a further 4-5 minutes turn them again and repeat until your sausages have been cooked on four sides. If your sausages don’t look cooked turn them to the side that shows least colour.  Your sausages should not take more than 25 to 30 minutes. The slower you cook them and the more times you turn them the more evenly your sausages will cook and the more tender and juicy they will be.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher Sausages

Now you know how to cook them, it’s time to buy your BBQ sausages.  We offer a huge range of different sausages (all great to cook on a BBQ including):

Sausages are also included in our BBQ meat boxes along with a selection of other popular favourites to cook on an outside grill.

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BBQ Sausages

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