One Pot Meals for Camp Site Cooking

One potIf you love camping, then you probably also love cooking outside too.   Unfortunately, many of our home recipes don’t lend themselves to being cooked on the limited facilities you have when camping (unless there’s a camp kitchen available on the site).  Sol you need to be a little more creative when planning your camp site meals and one answer is to create one pot meals.

Basically, one pot camping meals can be made using a single piece of cookware instead of several pans for different foods.  In a one pot meal, you can cook all of your delicious ingredients together.

Reasons for cooking one pot meals

The key reasons for cooking one pot meals when camping include:

  • Less mess: one of the biggest advantages of a one pot meal is that you’ll have fewer dishes to clean up after the meal. This is a huge advantage when you’re cooking at a campsite without your usual dishwasher or sometimes even a sink.  And if you spend less time cleaning up after the meal, then you have more time to spend having fun with friends or family.
  • Timing: by cooking a meal in one pot, everything is ready at one go (and you don’t have to worry about trying to keep other dishes warm).
  • Cooking for a crowd: whether your cooking for two for a larger group of friends, your one pot meal can be scaled according to the size of your group (though you may need a bring a couple of different sized pots with you).

Where to buy your Camp Site Groceries

If you’re camping on the Gower, then we are pleased to let you know that Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher’s supplies most of the convenience stores close to the local campsites from Port Eynon and the surrounding areas including Three Cliffs, Pennard and Scurlage stores.

So, if you’re looking for quality meat and other products for your one pot cooking, then you know by shopping in these stores that you will be guaranteeing a delicious ingredients to use in any of the recipes listed below.

One Pot Recipe Ideas

  • Dutch Oven Chicken Marbella: this Mediterranean themed baked chicken dish uses chopped prunes and olives to create a delicious sweet and savoury combination. Amongst other ingredients, you will need four chicken thighs with the skin still on.
  • One Pan English Breakfast: if you fancy a traditional English breakfast whilst on your camping holiday, then try this recipe from the BBC Good Food Guide. Along with mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes and cheese, you will also need some of our thin pork sausages along with tasty smoked streaky bacon.
  • Pork Chop Hot Pot: for a more substantial evening meal, this pork chop hot pot will be a great favourite for all of your camping family. Our tender pork chopsi are taken from the loin of our qualified butchers and hand-cut to order for all our camp site shops.

One Pot

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