Cuts of Lamb Explained

Cuts of lambThere’s no doubt, when it comes to Easter, lamb is the preferred dish of most Brits when it comes to entertaining friends and family – and there’s nothing quite as good as Welsh lamb that we source locally.  So, as you plan your Easter menu, we thought it would be helpful to explain about the different cuts of lamb that are available in our Swansea Market stall and our online shop.

Best End Cuts of Lamb

The Best End is the rib section of the lamb which is where rack of lamb comes from.  The meat is excellent, moist and tender with fine, sweet flavours. The fat covering the ribs can trimmed back or removed completely for a French trimmed rack (exposing the bones which are often then decorated with white, frilly paper hats once cooked.

An impressive ‘Crown of Lamb’ is the pinnacle of the butcher’s craft and is made by tying two French trimmed Racks together in a circle, which can be stuffed with herbs and vegetables or seasoned Lamb Mince stuffing. Alternatively, you can create a ‘Guard of Honour’ from two racks sitting side by side with interlocking bones.

Breast and Neck of Lamb

The breast or flank of lamb is more fatty and tough and often used for minced products and is very popular in Welsh Soup (Cawl).  A breast of lamb can also be stuffed and slow roasted in the oven.

Similarly, a neck of lamb or a neck fillet (the boneless version of the neck) is very sweet tasting with marbling which makes it succulent and tender.  This cut of lamb is also ideal to use in Cawl and is also delicious cut into smaller noisettes and fried.

Leg of Lamb

A roast Leg of Lamb is a one of the best loved Sunday dinners in the UK and not just at Easter. The leg meat is rich and full in flavour, with little fat.  At Hugh Phillips we “Welsh Dress” our Legs of Lamb to provide a joint which will self baste whilst roasting.

Diced leg of lamb meat makes wonderful casseroles and stews while minced Leg meat makes excellent, lean mince.

Shoulder of Lamb

Shoulder of lamb is not as tender and lean as leg, but a slow roast shoulder is worth every effort. The whole bone in shoulder is ideal for entertaining a bigger group and is much easier to carve when the shoulder is boned and rolled, that the ones that we supply.  Diced Lamb shoulder can also be used in casseroles and stews. The cut off knuckle end of the shoulder is the Lamb Shank. Ideal for slow cooking and braising as it offers rich, full flavours for very good value of money.

The middle neck offers good value for money and is becoming increasingly popular.  Middle neck fillets have very good flavour and are best braised or stewed to allow the layer of fat running through it to melt away and release the beautiful sweet, rich flavours.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

In addition to the above cuts, at Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher offers other popular lamb products including chops, steaks and burgers.  We also offer a range of lamb which are very popular for bbq’s such as minty or hot and spicy kebabs.

These lamb cuts are available from our stall in the award-winning Swansea Market and our online shop

Cuts of lamb

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