Cuts of Beef Explained

Brisket of beefMany of our customers ask us about the different cuts of beef, what are they best used for and how to cook them.  With this in mind, we thought we’d prepare a break down of the different cuts of beef to help avoid confusion.

We’d first like to mention that all our beef products come from traditionally matured, grass-fed Welsh beef.

Starting with Steak

We sell five main premium cuts of steak:

  • Fillet: fillet is our finest steak; a very lean cut from an underused muscle of our Welsh Beef. We traditionally mature to enhance the flavour and make it exceptionally tender. Fillet steak is a very sought after cut as there is only a small portion from each animal.
  • Sirloin: Sirloin steak is cut from the loin of the beef. Our qualified butchers hand cut the steaks to order, with a natural covering of fat to enhance the flavour these steaks self-baste whilst cooking ensuring a very tender and succulent steak. Perfect for frying and grilling.
  • Rump: cut from the rump, these steaks are hand cut to order by our qualified butchers. Rump steak is not only the most economical steak on the market, it is also very versatile, suitable for frying, grilling, stir-fries and BBQs. Though not as tender as striploin or fillet but makes up for it in beef flavour.
  • Ribeye: rib eye steak is one of the most popular choice of steaks. With natural fat and heavy marbling, it’s ideal as it bastes in its own juice whilst cooking, making it a very moist and tender cut.
  • T-bone: a T-Bone Steak is perfect for the larger appetite or for sharing. Hand cut from the loin, with this cut you get the best of both worlds. With a natural covering of fat and the T-Bone separating a succulent Sirloin and a tender fillet, cooked on the bone making this a very flavoursome special steak.

Moving onto Roasts

When it comes to roasts, there are load of options including rolled joints, Silverside, Salmon Cut, Topside, Brisket.  Confusing yes?

We’ve picked out four of our most popular roasting joints and explain the differences:

  • Rolled topside: this a lean roasting joint and we add a covering of beef fat to the joint and hand roll ready for the oven. A slightly cheaper alternative to the prime cut Topside however just as tasty.
  • Silverside: a lean traditional prime roasting joint taken from the outer thigh of our grass fed beef. It gets its name from the silver coloured membrane covering the surface. The silverside joint has a little marbling through the meat making it very tender.
  • Topside: this is also is a lean traditional prime roasting joint, but this time cut from the cattle`s large inner thigh which has been traditionally matured to enhance the flavour. The topside joint has a natural covering of fat which self-bastes whilst in the oven.
  • Brisket on the bone: this roasting joint is cut from the breast and offers an economical and flavoursome cut with a natural layer of fat and marbling throughout the meat. Roasted slowly, the meat should fall off the bone and the juices from cooking on the bone will make for a tasty gravy.

Other Beef Products

In addition to steaks and roasting joints, at Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher we also sell a huge range of other beef products. Here are just a few of them:

  • Minced beef: hand selected cuts of the Fore Quarter are twice passed through the mincer. Traditionally matured for extra flavour this economical minced beef is a very versatile and flavoursome ingredient.
  • Diced beef: our hand diced beef is also selected from cuts from the Fore Quarter and is best used for braising in the oven or slow cooker.
  • Beef sausages: these are a very sought after product, as sausages are traditionally made from pork.  We select cuts from the Fore Quarter, trim to 80% visual lean before mincing. This is then mixed with our secret recipe which has been in the family for generations before being hand made into delicious lean meaty sausages. These will taste very different to the usual mass-produced sausages you can buy. Perfect for frying, grilling and BBQs. Suitable for anyone following a low-fat healthy lifestyle. We also offer a beef and cracked black pepper flavour.
  • Beef burgers: better known as “Quarter Pounders”  these burgers are made from hand selected cuts and trimmed to 80% visual lean before mincing, this is then mixed with just the right amount of seasoning before being formed into our very lean Welsh Beef Burgers. Every burger is handmade to our exacting high standards, providing you with a very lean tasty burger. Like our sausages, they taste very different to the usual mass produced burgers on the market making them the perfect choice for frying, grilling and BBQs.

Best Online Butcher

We trust you found this explanation of beef cuts helpful.  If you still need advice and guidance, then pop into our stall in Swansea market and ask one of our butchers for advice.

You can also order all of these products online, sourced and prepared in the same way as the beef in our shop, and delivered fresh to your door.  Just visit




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