Choosing & Cooking the Perfect Steak

Perfect steakIs there such a thing as the perfect steak?  Maybe not as people’s tastes and preferences vary particularly when it comes to the way we like our steaks cooked.

So, what are the options when it comes to choosing your perfect cut of steak?

If price is not an issue, there are many expensive steaks available, depending on the breed, the land it is raised on, the food it eats and the farming method.  If you are looking for value, there are many steaks available that will fit your spending limits, and some cheaper steaks can be high in flavour and nutrition while not breaking the bank.

PGI Status

You can opt for pasture fed, organic, free range, rare breed, dry aged, or any combination of those.  However, for the best quality, you should always look for the PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) label. This status is issued by the European Union and applies to regional foods that have qualities specific to the area where they are produced so customers know exactly what they are buying and where it comes from.

At Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher, all our steak products have PGI status which assures our customers that we have been thoroughly checked to ensure our beef is every bit as local as we say it is.

Choosing the Perfect Steak for you

First, generally you should choose the best steak you can afford. Go to a reputable butcher you can rely on, someone who takes pride in the meat they sell and who know where it comes from. Tell the butcher what you are looking for, your likes and dislikes, and they should be able to provide you with what you want, time and time again.

We find that once our customers have found the ideal steak to suit their tastes, they will order larger quantities from our online shop, so they are guaranteed a regular supply.

What’s more, as all of these products come from Welsh Beef with PGI status customers know they are getting the best quality and flavour too.

Popular Cuts of Steak & How to Cook them

Our most popular cuts of steak are listed below along with some easy to follow recipes to help you to get the best out of your Hugh Phillips orders:

  • Fillet is a top of the range and a very lean steak cut from an underused muscle of our Welsh Beef. We traditionally mature to enhance the flavour and make it exceptionally tender. Fillet steak is one of the more expensive cuts as only a small portion is available from each animal. Check out this video which shows you how to perfectly cook Fillet Mignon in a mushroom sauce.
  • Rib Eye steak is one of the most popular cuts due to its natural fat and heavy marbling. It’s a very moist and tender cut which bastes in its own juices whilst cooking. We love this rib eye cooking guide on the BBC Good Food website.
  • Probably the most commonly purchased steak is the sirloin which is cut from the loin of the beef. Ensure your sirloin has a natural covering of fat to enhance the flavour so the steak self-bastes whilst cooking ensuring a very tender and succulent taste. This cut is perfect for frying and grilling. As the BBQ season is nearly upon us, try this recipe for barbecued sirloin steak with garlic butter.
  • Another popular cut is the T-Bone Steak which is perfect if you have a big appetite or for sharing. Hand cut from the loin, T-Bone also has a natural covering of fat and with the bone in place, when cooked on the bone this is a very flavoursome steak choice, particularly when pan-seared (like this Food Network recipe).
  • From the cheaper end of the market, you can’t go wrong with casserole steak which is ideal for slow braising in the oven or slow cooker. Treat your family with this slow cooked casserole recipe from the Australian beef and lamb website.

Best Online Butcher

You can order all of these cuts from the beef section on our online shop or from our stall in Swansea market and then try out some of the delicious recipes we have shared with you.

Perfect steak

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