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Meat boxesBuying top-quality meat has never been easier. Meat boxes offer ethical choices, a huge variety of high-quality cuts and convenience too.  In fact, thanks to modern butchers like Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher who now offer an online delivery service, just a few taps on a smartphone will see exceptional meat delivered to your door anywhere in the country.

About Meat Boxes

Meat boxes started so farmers could sell directly to the public. At its simplest, a quarter, half or even whole animal would be cut up and packaged to keep in the freezer. For example, by buying the less popular shoulder and breast of lamb as well as the cutlets and leg, the cost goes down considerably. Often, the cheaper cuts were turned into mince or sausages so they are easy to cook. You needed a decent sized freezer to shop this way and not mind eating a lot of one particular type of meat.

Over the years meat boxes have evolved considerably, especially with the growth of online retailing, to suit today’s shopping habits and tastes.  Even major online platforms like Amazon Prime is getting in on the act, with recent trials of fast-order, high-end meat. These online experts join a number of specialist meat companies that pride themselves on their quality and knowledge. This means that consumers can now shop around between suppliers. Rather than buying a boxful of one animal, these days you can also pick and choose, much as you would in a shop.

Different Types of Meat Boxes

Most butchers who offer meat boxes to purchase online will offer a variety of choices from BBQ boxes and a family selection to high end luxury meat boxes or even healthy options.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher has developed its own range of meat boxes based on the popularity of its individual meat products which are locally sourced and which have PGI status.  Knowing where the animals come from and that they travel the shortest distance possible to the abattoir is important to the family run business. This philosophy, along with the exceptional quality of their meat products, is why the meat offered previously on the market stall is now available from the new online platform

Hugh Phillips Gower Butchers

We now offer more than 10 types and sizes of meat boxes according to you and your family’s needs, and the size of your freezer of course. These include two different sizes of BBQ boxes as well as standard and luxury meat boxes for any occasion.  Our lean meat box has been developed for us by Non Evans MBE and we also have a luxury steak box which is particularly popular among men.  And finally, due to popular demand, we have meat boxes that will sort out a month’s worth of Sunday roasts which also come in both standard and deluxe choices.

To find out more about our meat boxes and to place your online order, visit

Meat boxes

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