Celebrate St David’s Day with Welsh Lamb

Welsh Lamb

Cawl Mamgu – traditional Welsh dishes Lamb Broth

Every good chef knows that the key to creating delicious tasting dishes is to use only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients; and there’s nothing tastier than home grown, fresh Welsh Lamb.

Locally sourced from the Gower and surrounding areas, our Welsh lamb is hand-picked by us from farms with whom we have long established relationships. We also “Welsh Dress” our Half Legs of Lamb to provide a joint which will self-baste whilst roasting.

St David’s Day Lamb Recipes

To help you and your family to celebrate St David’s Day in style, we’d like to share with you three of our favourite lamb recipes.

“Cystal yfed o’r cawl â bwyta’s cig” means “It is as good to drink the broth as to eat the meat,” and this is so true when referring to Cawl, because it is a dish which is both a broth and a stew.

And no St David’s Day is complete without a dish of cawl, often referred to as the national dish of Wales.

Traditionally Cawl can be eaten in one bowl, although often the broth is served first followed by the meat and vegetables, hence the quote above. Like many dishes, Welsh cawl tastes better the next day and the day after that, so don’t be afraid to make it in advance or save any leftovers for reheating. Our favourite recipe for Cawl is made from bacon, Welsh lamb, cabbage, and leeks.

Leg of Welsh Lamb

Many Welsh meat recipes will invariably feature lamb as Wales is famous for it! In this delicious recipe for roast leg of lamb with honey and cider the dish contains other local Welsh flavours, such as honey, cider, rosemary, and ginger. Combined together, this meal has been enjoyed in Wales since it was brought back by the Crusaders.

The best choice for St. David’s Day is meat from the lambs are those raised on the wonderful rich pastures and hillsides of Wales giving the meat its distinctive sweet flavour. This stuffed leg of lamb recipe comes with a pungent stuffing of herbs, bacon, and garlic. Ideal for a celebratory St David’s Day supper.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

As mentioned, all of the lamb products from Hugh Phillips Gower Butchers come from local farms and so are guaranteed freshness and flavour.

And don’t forget, all of our Welsh lamb cuts are available from our shop in Swansea Market or from our online shop.


Welsh lambRecipe source: the Spruce

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