A Butcher Isn’t Just for Christmas

ButcherAs the season of feasts approaches, the team at Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher is asking shoppers to support their local butchers for life and not just for Christmas

Selecting your festive meats from the butcher is a part of preparing for Christmas that we all enjoy. There’s something extremely satisfying about buying a turkey, goose or rib of beef that feels special and gives you confidence that your family is getting meat of exceptional quality for their Christmas dinner.

Catherine Butler, MD of Hugh Phillips Gower Butchers explains, “So many people flock to the butcher at Christmas because they want the best they can buy for the family. But people tend to forget that they can buy the best from the local butcher all year round. Visiting a good butcher shouldn’t be a once a year occasion, it should be a once a week routine. Butchers, like all independent retailers, need support now more than ever.”

Purchasing Power

Consumers have the power to change demand for products but if people don’t step up to do the right thing, very shortly purchasing choices could contribute to the disappearance of the high street butchers altogether.

There’s no reason why customers shouldn’t be supporting butchers and purchasing quality meat from all year round. There’s a perception that shopping at the supermarket is cheaper, but in many cases, butcher’s meat is better value as well as considerably better quality.

Environmental Benefits

There are also environmental benefits to purchasing meat from your local butcher.  We make sure that the animals we slaughter at our abattoir in Swansea travel the least distance possible and that the slaughtering process is painless.  We also know the source of all our meat as only purchase from reputable, local farmers with whom we have built up a long-term relationship.

“We are encouraging shoppers to make a change,” adds Catherine, “it is in their hands to ensure the high street butcher is here for future generations to enjoy. Don’t abandon the butcher; make it your New Year’s resolution to support them.”


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