Fancy a Meat Pie?

PieAs Brits, most of us enjoy a good old-fashioned meat pie.  What you may not know is that there is often much debate among ‘foodies’ as to what constitutes a ‘real pie’. The general consensus is that the pastry in a proper pie completely encases the filling, so excluding casseroles or other dishes which just have a pastry lid.

No matter your opinion on what makes a proper pie, there’s nothing more heart-warming that a steaming hot meat pie on a cold, wet and blustery winter evening.   We’re talking about a rustic style pie, with crisp, golden pastry oozing with gravy and full of tender cuts of meat.  But which filling is your favourite?

We’ve come up with our top four meat pie recipe recommendations to tempt your taste buds and satisfy the whole family.

Steak Pie Recipe

You can’t beat a homemade steak pie, complete with golden-brown flaky pastry and a thick, rich filling.  Try this BBC Good Food recipe for a simple steak pie which takes just 15 minutes to prepare and requires few ingredients.  We recommend you use our extra lean diced beef which has been selected from lean cuts of our grass fed Welsh Beef. Hand diced and all excess fat trimmed to 95% visual lean. Traditionally matured for extra flavour this dice can be used for slightly quicker cooking methods.

Chicken and Lee Pie Recipe

The smell of the chicken and creamy sauce of this chicken and leek pie from the Delicious magazine website, is sure to get everyone running to the table, and the added leeks is a sneaky way to get veggies into your child’s dinner!

This pie is a comfort food classic. You can either use our diced chicken breast pieces or our skinless chicken fillets and dice them yourself.  All our chicken products are succulent, tender and full of flavour. We only supply Farm Assured chicken fillets where welfare is paramount. With guaranteed no added water, just fresh, juicy chicken.  Serve this pie with plenty of green and buttery mash.

Lamb and Rosemary Pie

As a hearty family meal or an impressive dinner party show piece, we love this recipe from the Recipes website. This pie is incredibly tasty, loaded with vegetables and uses delicious shoulder of lamb.

For this pie, one of our half shoulders of lamb should be sufficient.  Locally sourced from the Gower and surrounding area theselambs graze freely providing excellent flavour and nutritional value. As it’s cut on the bone for extra flavour the shoulder joint is a very sweet tasting meat in a any dish.

Creamy Pork and Mushroom Pie Recipe

This savoury All Recipes pie is a nice change from chicken or beef pie and is quick and easy to make. The filling is mixed right in the baking dish and can be topped with ready-made puff pastry.  Using our rolled loin of pork, ideal for dicing, and complemented by delicious chestnut mushrooms.  As with all our pork products, our pigs are sourced from our nearest local farm in the Gelliwen Valley of Carmarthenshire for guaranteed flavour and freshness.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

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