What’s on the Menu this Season

MenuThat’s the question: what’s on your family menu this autumn? With the cooler weather comes darker days but this is the time of harvest and there’s some great seasonal food you can choose from. So, unless we do get a late Indian Summer, it’s time to tuck away the BBQ and welcome in the comfort foods we all love at this time of year.

There’s nothing better than coming home to a slow-cooked casserole or a steaming stew. The great thing about most comfort food dishes is that they are generally well balanced, with a good helping of strong seasonal vegetables such as greens, squashes, pumpkin and potatoes to complement your heart-warming meat choices.

It’s always best to think seasonal when doing your food shopping and choosing recipes as this ensures you are getting fresh ingredients when they are at their absolute best. It is also better for the environment and cheaper for you!

So what meat should you eat this Autumn?

Autumn Lamb

Lamb and mutton are some of the best ingredients for all things comfort food. Lamb is perfect in stews and curries, as well as in shepherd’s pie.  Other popular choices are chops or shanks served with mountains of mashed potato, or of course a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings.

Why not try this delicious spiced autumn lamb with butternut squash puree recipe from Jamie Oliver , which will work equally well if you prefer the stronger flavour of a mutton cut.

Seasonal Sausages

Another all time, firm favourite (all year round), but especially when it’s cold, nothing beats a plate of Bangers and Mash, Toad in the hole or a sizzling sausage stew! Sausages are most definitely a British comfort food staple!

Why not try some of our specially flavoured pork sausages which include garlic and herb, pork and leek or our famous Gower Dragon Sausages with a hint of chilli.

This heart-warming sausage and bean casserole recipe will be a firm family favourites and is easy to make for the perfect school night supper.

Comfort Curries

There’s nothing more comforting than the spices and flavours from a traditional curry.  It doesn’t matter which cut of meat you prefer or whether you like a mild creamy or hot and spicy curry, either way you can slow cook any curry dish making it another easy meal to fit around your busy work schedule.

We love this home-made slow cooker chicken curry recipe which can be prepared the night before and just switched on low the following morning, cooking gently throughout the day.  The smells of this dish will set your mouth watering as you prepare the rice or Naan bread as the perfect accompaniment.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

At Hugh Phillips Gower Butchers, we offer a full range of seasonal meat products to delight you and your family.

You can order these from the comfort of your own home from our online shop, www.bestonlinebutcher.co.uk or pop into our stall in Swansea market.


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