Best Meats for Autumn Cooking

Lamb cutsThere’s definitely a nip in the air now that autumn is well and truly with us. Traditionally, autumn is the month that gently eases us into winter with some sunny days and light evenings until the clocks go back.  To make the transition from summer to winter less depressing, we have come up with a selection of great meat suggestions for you to enjoy this autumn.

Meats for Autumn – Lamb

As we tend to spend more evenings indoors during the autumn and winter months, then we always look forward to heart-warming and tasty evening meal.

Most meat is available all year round but one of our favourites for autumn meat is lamb.  At Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher, we stock a complete range of lamb products from joints, chops and steaks to burgers and diced lamb too. Our lamb is locally sourced from the Gower and surrounding areas and the lambs hand-picked by us from farms with whom we have long established relationships.

Some of our favourite autumn lamb recipes include and Italian roast leg of lamb by Jamie Oliver and a traditional  braised lamb dish from Delia’s Winter collection.

In addition to these heart warming dishes, and for something quick and easy, our home-made lamb burgers are a great option.   They are made from hand selected cuts taken from the Fore Quarter of our Welsh lamb. Our qualified butchers trim the cuts to 80% visual lean before mincing. This is then mixed with just the right amount of seasoning before being formed into burgers. Our burgers taste very different to the usual mass produced burgers on the market making them the perfect choice for frying, grilling and BBQs. In fact, if you haven’t put the BBQ away yet, why not make the most of the remaining sun and sizzle them on the BBQ for a few minutes for a quick and tasty meal.

Meats for Autumn – Beef

Soups and casseroles are always popular in colder weather and what’s could be tastier than a beef stew using our extra lean diced beef.  Like all our beef products, our diced beef comes from lean cuts of our grass fed Welsh beef which is then hand diced with all excess fat trimmed to 95% visual lean. Traditionally matured for extra flavour this dice can be used for slightly quicker cooking methods like curries or for a slow cooked stew or casserole.   We love this recipe from the BBC Good Food Guide for slow cooked beef stew, which is perfect for a family meal which can be prepared and slow-cooked in advance.

Minced beef is also great in many autumn and winter comfort food recipes such as chilli, spag bol or lasagne.  Our minced beef is passed through the mincer twice and traditionally matured for extra flavour.

Everyone has their favourite way of making a spicy Chilli con Carne but this Hairy Biker version is not only delicious but great if you are want to eat healthily.

If you’re really looking for something quick and easy, why not try our secret recipe beef sausages, which are always high in demand as most sausages tend to be made from pork.

Other Autumn Meat Recommendations

Of course, any roast is a popular choice, particularly in winter when the opportunities for a BBQ are non-existent.   Gammon steaks or pork chops are also a seasonal favourite, particularly if served with fresh apple sauce made from the fruit that is now fully ripened and falling off the trees.

Alternatively, our selection of chicken breasts and fillets are perfect for curries or casserole dishes such as chicken chausseur or coq au vin.

If you’re looking for some suggestions for autumn meats then take a look at the selection on our online shop or visit our stall in Swansea market and ask one of our experienced butchers what they would recommend.

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