Welsh Sirloin Steak – Good for your Health and Appetite!

Welsh Sirloin SteakAt Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher we pride ourselves on the quality of all our meats and in particular our traditionally matured grass fed Welsh Beef – and our Welsh sirloin steak is no exception.

Hand cut and trimmed by our qualified butchers, these juicy steaks are marbled with internal fat which melts during cooking, helping the steak to baste itself from within. Sirloin is one of the most popular and flavoursome steaks available, with a tender taste that everyone can enjoy.

Like many of our other choices of meat, our beef is ethically sourced from farm assured breeders who meet our exceptionally high standards.

Health Benefits of Welsh Sirloin Steak

Despite the media telling us how bad steak can be for our health, this is wrong!  Steak is healthy and full of beneficial nutrients that are good for us including vitamin B, B3 and B6, iron, zinc and potassium, to name but a few.  What’s more, grass-fed beef is higher in Omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid which are beneficial to the heart; and is also higher in vitamin A and E as well as antioxidants that help protect against cancer.

Importantly, steak also provides a healthy source of natural fats along with saturated and monounsaturated acids, both of which are vital to our health.  And, as most people know, steak is full of protein which is good for building muscle.

Welsh Sirloin Steak with Horseradish and Parsley Butter

So bearing these health facts in mind, we’d love to share with you this delicious recipe for Welsh sirloin steak with horseradish and parsley butter from the Eat Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef website.

Ingredients (Serves 2)

2 lean Welsh Beef sirloin steaks

25g (1oz) butter

2tsp creamed horseradish sauce

2tbsp flat leaf parsley, chopped

Cooking times:

Rare – 2 minutes each side

Medium – 4 minutes each side

Well done – 6 minutes each side


Making the flavoured butter is easy. Place the slightly softened butter, horseradish and parsley into a small bowl and then mix together.

Now pre-heat the grill and cook the beef steaks. If you like your steaks rare cook them for 2 minutes on each side, medium is 4 minutes each side and well done is 6.

As difficult as it is, always allow the steaks to rest for a couple of minutes before serving.

Now scoop the butter on top of the steaks and watch it melt all over the meat – no finer sight.

Serve with roasted sliced potatoes and tender stem broccoli – any spare butter can be served on top of the vegetables. Spectacular!

Nutrition Information

Calories 257 kcal

Energy 1072KJ

Fat 16g

Saturates 8.8g

Salt 0.6g

Iron 1.9g

5-a-day 0

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

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Welsh Sirloin Steak

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