World Steak Challenge 2017

Swansea butcher Catherine Butler of Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher has been chosen as one of the judges in the World Steak Challenge, which will be held in London at The Magic Roundabout on Tuesday July 4.

She will join a 25-strong team of International meat scientists, executive chefs, master butchers, authors and food writers whose role it is to judge the competition. Heading the judging team is the author and President of the Guild of Food Writers, Xanthe Clay.

The World Steak Challenge is organised by Global Meat News. Deputy Editor Aidan Fortune said: “This contest of steak goliaths has successfully established a new benchmark for high quality steak production across the globe. The merit of the producers taking part is matched by the incredible calibre of our judges, who once again will put the entries through a series of fair and stringent tests.”

Catherine Butler was chosen to help judge the competition because of her expertise in running her highly respected Gower-based abattoir and butchery stall in the heart of Swansea Market.

“It’s a real honour to be invited to judge an international competition such as this and I’m looking forward to helping to discover the world’s best steak,” she said.

“I’m sure the trip to London will be an enjoyable one and it will be great to work alongside so many celebrated meat and food experts as part of the judging process.”

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