Popularity of Pulled Pork the UK

Pulled porkWords like ‘great value for money’, ‘underused cuts’ and ‘perfect for slow cooking’ are currently being used about pork shoulder joints by many of our celebrity chefs like Nigella, Jamie Oliver and Tom Kerridge  who are all strong advocates of pulled pork.

So why is this ‘poor relation cut’ growing so much in popularity?  Essentially, it’s down to the growing trend for pulled pork dishes which have arrived on our shores recently from the States.

Pulled Shoulder of Pork

This trend is good news for our pig farmers as well as restauran

t owners across. Hit by falling pork prices, pig farmers are delighted to be able to sell previously unpopular but very tasty joints like the shoulder.  Whilst restaurant and pub owners love to serve pulled pork recipes because they are packed with ingredients like salt and chilli, which mean people generally buy more drinks to accompany their meal.

Even the supermarkets have caught onto this trend offering choices like marinated shoulders of pork ready to grill and pull.

Despite the growing popularity of pulled pork, the UK hasn’t yet embraced the fever that is rampant all over the United States where roasting pork has become a serious, competitive sport. There is even a World Championship Barbecue Contest held every year in Memphis which is the biggest cooking competition in the world with the main event being the roasting of whole pigs.

Preparing Pulled Pork

Pulled pork’s beauty is the slow-cooking of a well-marbled shoulder, creating juicy, moist tenderness. So how do you actually pull your shoulder of pork to create a pulled pork dish?  The best way is to take the middle section of the shoulder and simply pull the meat away with two forks. If you do this correctly, it comes apart in strands ready to serve with fries and barbecue sauce or in a delicious sandwich, topped with some spicy chutney.

Check out this delicious recipe for pulled pork burgers from the All Recipes online website; and we recommend using Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher’s pork shoulder joint from pigs sourced from our nearest local farm in Carmarthenshire.

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Pulled pork

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