Local Butcher Becomes Wales’ First British Strong Man

David Todd, an employee at Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher’s Swansea Abattoir, has just become Wale’s first champion in the Britain Strongest Man competition in the under 80kg category.

David, who trains a minimum of four times a week, was placed in overall first position in this prestigious competition which was held last month.  Earlier this year, he scooped the title of Wales’ Strongest Man under 80kg and this victory enabled him to go onto enter the overall UK competition.

Some of the challenges he had to undertake to become overall champion included axle deadlifts, overhead lifting medleys and some very tough lifting and carrying tasks over 15 meter tracks.

Commenting on his win, David said, “It’s a real honour to represent Wales in Britain’s Strongest Man Competition and I am very grateful to the support of the team at Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher.  Working in the abattoir helps to complement my regular training programme and eating their lean meat helps to boost my muscles, so I’m in the ideal job really.

“I will now continue training with a view to taking the next step and enter international and world competitions.”

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