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  • BBQ leftovers BBQ Leftovers Recipe Ideas

    Once your barbecue is over, you may find your fridge is full of leftovers that need using up. Don’t waste this food; you can still feed the family with your BBQ leftovers even if it’s in a salad or in a sandwich or bun. For something a bit more adventurous check out these three simple […]

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  • Benefits of Cooking Burgers on your BBQ

    With UK BBQ season well under way, there’s no doubt that the easiest meat to cook on an outdoor grill is the good old beef burger.  It may be a simple choice, but if you’ve bought fresh burgers from your local butcher or made your own using quality mince, your burger will be packed with […]

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  • Our Top Five BBQ Recipes

    Grilling is one of the healthiest options when it comes to cooking meat.  So, it’s no wonder we all love a good old BBQ despite the unpredictable British weather.  So to help you to enjoy your summer BBQ this year, we’ve come up with our top five favourite meat recipes for you grill for friends […]

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  • The Best Meats for your Summer Barbecue

    It’s National BBQ week and you’ve probably already been picking up wafts and hints of summer barbecue cooking. Although you probably don’t usually go for the most expensive cuts when it comes to barbecue meats but if you want to take your summer outdoor grilling to the next level, then it’s well worth shelling out […]

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