Gower Salt Marsh Lamb for a Succulent Summer Cut

Gower Salt Marsh lambSalt Marsh lamb has been farmed in the UK for a number of years but was not traditionally sold as such, ending up in the mix with other home-grown lowland lamb which is sold during the Summer months.

In recent, years, we have seen a revival of these rare and regional breeds of meat, and as some British tourists who have tried Salt March lamb in France where it is considered to be a delicacy, its season (from late June to August) is now something to look forward to.

What Makes Gower Salt Marsh Lamb so Succulent?

Farmers with coastal pasture will bring their sheep on to it in spring, when the weather improves. The sheep graze as close as possible to the water’s edge, with the lambs sometimes teetering quite dangerously, seeking out the saltier forage.

The grasses and herbs they eat are never sown as a crop, but are wild (species include puccinellia, sea lavender and marsh samphire) and are untreated with agricultural chemicals. Many conservationists support the grazing practice, saying that the short grass attracts wild birds such as lapwings. You only have to taste the meat to notice the contribution of the terrain where the lambs graze.

Cooking Gower Salt Marsh lamb

Gower Salt marsh lamb needs little doing to it in the way of flavour. Serving samphire, or laverbread as we do in Wales, echoes the flavours and steers the meal in a certain direction. You could still get away with the classic profile of rosemary and garlic or the sweet flavour of mint dressed with a little vinegar to cut through the fat. Our recipe this week, of Gower Salt Marsh Lamb with garlic and rosemary potatoes, keeps it really simple and makes the most of the inherent flavours of the lamb.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher

Lamb that has grazed on the salt marshes on the Gower Coast can be purchased from Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher’s stall in Swansea Market or our online shop www.bestonelinebutcher.

Various cuts are available ranging from breast, fillet and shoulder joints as well as diced lamb, chops and steaks.  We recommend that you put your order in as soon as possible as availability of Gower Salt Marsh lamb is over just a few months and so is very popular during that time.

Gower Salt Marsh Lamb

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